Simple Tricks To Save Energy In Electric Cars

Simple Tricks To Save Energy In Electric Cars

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As is the case in cars that run on liquid fuel, where there are methods and methods for saving gasoline or diesel, there are also methods for saving energy in electric cars. Electric cars consume energy to run, and this is represented by charging the car’s battery. 

It is possible to do simple tricks to save energy and make the electric car environmentally friendly, as well as to conserve energy.

The Most Important Tricks To Save Energy

Electric cars also save energy just as traditional cars save fuel. In both cases, i.e. the traditional and electric car, there are some tricks that can be done to save fuel in the case of traditional cars and energy in the case of electric cars. 

In the following article, the research focuses on saving energy in electric cars. What are the most important tricks to achieve this?

  • Eliminating the use of heating and air conditioning systems in moderate climate conditions contributes to conserving more energy in electric car batteries.
  • Avoiding the navigation and entertainment systems on short trips contributes to saving battery power
  • Dispensing with turning on lights during daytime driving contributes to the battery saving more energy and thus obtaining a greater driving range.

Tips To Save Energy With Air Conditioning Or Heating In An Electric Car

In this regard, a German study revealed that the economy of using heating or air conditioning systems in electric cars allows for saving battery power and obtaining the highest possible driving range.

Especially in favorable climatic conditions that allow for dispensing with the operation of these devices or even operating them at a low level, especially since These devices draw part of the battery power, which in turn feeds the electric motors with the energy needed to propel the car.

The study indicated that it is preferable to set the heating or air conditioning system to a low level, or even disconnect the seat heating or air conditioning system, as this can help reduce energy consumption.

The study also advised owners of electric cars, in moderate climatic conditions, to turn on the heating or air conditioning systems during periods of charging the car and before starting to drive it.

Which allows the cabin atmosphere to be adjusted in advance during the charging process and makes the energy used in the heating or air conditioning processes derived from the electrical socket and not from the battery.

Thus maintaining the battery over its default full range of vehicle propulsion before it can be recharged.

The study confirmed that avoiding using lamps during the day can also save battery power, unless necessary, such as driving in fog and rain. 

The study also advised not to use massage devices located in seats except when necessary, especially since their indiscriminate use takes away energy. Electric battery power.

The study concluded with its advice to avoid heavy use of entertainment media and even disconnect the screens in the car

Especially on short trips during which the driver does not need the navigation system, which allows for the preservation of a greater amount of battery power.

It is worth noting that electric cars depend on the energy stored in the battery, whose function is to supply the engines with the energy needed to propel the car.

As well as supplying energy to other devices such as lighting, air conditioning or heating systems, and other devices whose operation requires electrical energy.

5 Tricks To Save Energy In Electric Cars

Save money by driving your electric car more efficiently with these easy tips. With a few tips, you can drive further on a single battery charge and save money. 

Don’t Press The Pedal Dard

Electric cars speed up fast, which is fun. But to drive longer on one charge, don’t press the pedal too hard.

Half of a car’s energy is used for speeding up. Driving smoothly without sudden speed boosts can help save your electric car’s battery life.


Drive slow and calm. Leave early, so you’re not in a hurry. Listen to your favorite songs and drive at 50 mph instead of 60 mph. Driving slower uses less battery, so your electric car can go a longer distance.

Remove Unnecessary Items From Your Car’s Back

Carry fewer things in your car. When it’s heavy, it uses more battery and runs out faster. If you’re not using the roof box, remove it. Clean out the trunk and back seats of things you don’t need.

The “Law Of Averages”

Keeping a steady speed during your trip, especially on long drives, helps save your electric car’s battery. For your next drive, use apps like phone maps or Waze. 

They tell you about traffic, accidents, and weather, helping you choose the best way to go. Plan your route to avoid heavy traffic. Remember, the quickest way might not save the most battery in your electric car.

Plan Ahead

Pay attention to what’s coming up on the road. Knowing about traffic or stops helps you drive smoothly without quick stops and starts. 

For instance, instead of speeding up and then quickly slowing down for a turn, slow down early. This way, you won’t need to speed up again if it’s clear.


Saving energy is important to get the most from electric cars. Like how regular cars save fuel, electric cars have ways to save battery. Simple steps, like not using the heater or air conditioner too much and turning off daytime lights, can help your car go further on one charge. 

By using these tips, you’ll save battery, help the environment, and drive longer. As more people use electric cars, it’s good to know how to save energy when driving.

People Also Ask About Tricks To Save Energy In Electric Cars

How can I make my electric car more efficient?

Electric cars work best at speeds of 50-60mph. To make your battery last longer, try to drive at this speed. Sometimes, especially on big roads, you might go faster. But, if you drive 10mph slower, you’ll use less battery.

How do electric cars save?

In 2020, a study showed that electric cars cost half as much to fix and maintain compared to similar petrol cars.

Should I charge my EV to 80 or 90?

People often suggest keeping an electric car’s battery between 30% and 80% charged to keep it in good condition.

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