Meet our dedicated

MotorStell Team

Abdullah Saim

Senior Content Writer

Abdullah is a trained accountant who loves to write. When he's not assisting clients in finding financial chances, you can see her writing, going outside and having coffee. He has also spent time with wealthy and well-known people from different countries, learning about the private lives of rich celebrities. Also working as a senior content writer at BI.

MotorsTell Staff


Motor Stell staff really know the car and motorcycle market. They love everything about vehicles. For several years, they've been helping people understand what to buy, giving advice to make sure readers pick the right option.

Stacy Elpida

SEO Editor

Stacy loves writing and is always updated on the newest motorcycle and car trends. She knows a lot about the latest changes in vehicles. For many years, she's been sharing the exciting new things happening in both bikes and cars.

Kadeer Alee

Content Writer

Kadeer loves motorcycles and became a writer about them. He understands the detailed parts and stories of bikes very well. After writing for 3 years, he explains both the technical side and the stories of biking, helping readers feel more connected to riding.

Gabriela Bergevin

Car Brands Specialist

Gabriela really loves cars and knows a lot about different car brands. He's been writing about them for 2 years, talking about their history, designs, and how popular they are. People who are into car brands trust what he says.