Kelley Earnhardt Net Worth 2023, NASCAR, Bio And Wiki

Kelley Earnhardt Net Worth 2023, NASCAR, Bio And Wiki

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Kelley Earnhardt, whose full name is Kelley King Earnhardt, was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA, on August 28, 1972. Kelley Earnhardt net worth is $50 million in 2023. Kelley Earnhardt Miller owns part of JR Motorsports and is its vice-president. She is Dale Earnhardt’s daughter.

What Is Kelley Earnhardt Miller Net Worth?

Kelley Earnhardt Miller is an American businesswoman who works in NASCAR. She has a net worth of $50 million. She is the daughter of famous racer Dale Earnhardt and sister of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. She has done well in business.

She made money by working in the family business and her own businesses. She also got paid as the vice president of JR Motorsports.

Kelley Earnhardt Biography And Wikipedia

Kelley Earnhardt Miller was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina on August 28, 1972. She is the co-owner and vice president of JR Motorsports. 

Kelley is known for being part of the well-known Earnhardt racing family, which included the famous racer Dale Earnhardt. She raced cars locally when she was younger.

Kelley Earnhardt Miller’s parents separated after her younger brother, Dale Jr., was born. When Kelley was eight, their house burned down. 

Because their mother, Brenda, couldn’t support them, they went to live with their father, Earnhardt Sr. Kelley looked after Dale Jr. when their dad was racing. When Dale Jr. went to military school at 12, Kelley left school to be with him.

NameKelley Earnhardt Miller
Date of birthAugust 28, 1972
Place of birthKannapolis, North Carolina
Age 51 years
Sun signVirgo
Profession Race car driver
HusbandL.W. Miller III
Net worth$50 million
Kelley Earnhardt Facts

Kelley Earnhardt Career

Kelley Earnhardt Miller started working in the racing business at a company called Action Performance. She became the Vice President there. 

Later, she joined JR Motorsports and became its Vice President and General Manager. With time, she became the CEO and co-owner with her brother, Dale Jr. Under her leadership, the company grew a lot and became very successful in racing with many employees.

Chase Elliot won a big race in 2014, and Tyler Reddick won another in 2018. Kelley helped bring Danica Patrick to her team.

In 2019, Kelley Earnhardt Miller joined the board for a farming company called Brandt. Brandt supports Kelley’s racing team and sponsors the No. 7 team.

Kelley Earnhardt And JR Motorsports

In 2006, Kelley became a part-owner of JR Motorsports with her brother Dale and Rick Hendrick. Rick started a big car sales group called Hendrick Automotive Group.

In 2007, Kelley had an operation to take out growths from her pancreas. The surgery went well and lasted over three hours. In 2009, ESPN said Kelley Earnhardt was the third most important woman in NASCAR.

In 2015, the Sports Business Journal recognized Kelley as an important woman in sports. That year, she was also in a documentary called “I Am Dale Earnhardt.”

Personal Life

Kelley Earnhardt first married Raymond Walter Holm Jr. in 2001, but they later divorced. She then married Jimmy Elledge, who was involved in many NASCAR races, but they separated in 2008. In 2011, Kelley married a former NASCAR driver named L. W. Miller III.

Kelley Earnhardt Kids

Kelley Earnhardt has 3 children:

  • Karsyn
  • Kennedy
  • Wyatt

Kelley Earnhardt Social Media

Kelley Earnhardt is active on her social media platforms and her fans are following Kelley on her social media.

Kelley Earnhardt Instagram: kelleyearnhardtmiller

Kelley Earnhardt Twitter: @EarnhardtKelley 


Kelley Earnhardt Miller grew up in Kannapolis, North Carolina and became a big name in NASCAR racing. She comes from the famous Earnhardt racing family, but she’s made her own mark too. She’s worth $50 million, and that’s not just because of her family. 

Kelley has faced tough times, like when her family’s home burned down and when she helped her brother. But she’s strong and caring. Now, she’s a boss at JR Motorsports and plays a big role in NASCAR. Her story shows that with hard work, anyone can achieve their dreams.

People Also Ask About Kelley Earnhardt Miller

How old is Kelley Earnhardt Miller?

She is 51 years old as of 2023.

Who is Kelly Earnhardt’s mother?

Brenda Lorraine Gee is Kelley’s mother.

What does Kelley Earnhardt do?

Kelley Earnhardt Miller manages JR Motorsports and handles the race team, business, and other tasks for her brother, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

What does Kelley Earnhardt’s husband do for a living?

L. W. Miller III, born on July 20, 1973, is an American race car driver. He is married to Kelley Earnhardt Miller and is part of the Earnhardt family.

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