Coo Coo Marlin Net Worth 2023

Coo Coo Marlin Net Worth 2023

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Discover the story of Clifton “Coo Coo” Marlin, a NASCAR Winston Cup driver for 14 years. Despite his passing in 2005, this blog post reflects on his racing career, the respect he earned, and Coo Coo Marlin net worth is around $4 million. Join us in remembering the achievements of this accomplished NASCAR driver.

What Is Coo Coo Marlin Net Worth?

Clifton “Coo Coo” Marlin, born on January 3, 1932, was a NASCAR Winston Cup driver for 14 years. He dedicated a significant part of his life to the series, showcasing his skills and passion for racing. Tragically, he passed away on August 14, 2005.

During his NASCAR career, Coo Coo Marlin left a lasting impact, earning respect and admiration from fellow racers and fans alike. 

His dedication to the sport was evident in the 14 years he spent competing at the Winston Cup level. At the time of his passing, Coo Coo Marlin’s net worth was estimated to be $4 million

This financial success reflected not only his racing achievements but also the recognition and support he gained throughout his NASCAR journey. His legacy continues to be remembered in the racing community.

Coo Coo Marlin Biography And Wiki

Coo Coo Marlin gained recognition through his performances at short tracks in Tennessee and Alabama. He competed against notable names like Red Farmer, Bobby Allison, and Donnie Allison, showcasing his racing skills and determination. 

Marlin’s success was particularly evident at Nashville Speedway USA, which is now known as Music City Motorplex

He achieved an impressive feat by becoming a four-time track champion at this venue, solidifying his reputation as a skilled and accomplished driver in the racing community.

In the 1960s, Coo Coo Marlin became a beloved figure at the speedway, especially among many kids. He drove a vibrant fire-engine red 1964 Chevrolet Impala, numbered 711, and became a real-life “hero” for numerous youngsters. 

Marlin’s presence was significant during this era, capturing the hearts of fans with his racing prowess.One of the highlights of those times was his rivalry with Charlie Binkley, driving No. 125. 

Their races were known for their thrilling and often tense finishes, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Marlin’s approachability added to his popularity—he was always available for photos and autographs in the pits after a race, making a lasting connection with fans.

Notably, Jack Marlin, Coo Coo’s brother, also earned a special place in the hearts of the crowd, contributing to the overall excitement and camaraderie at the speedway. Together, the Marlin brothers left an enduring legacy in the world of racing during this nostalgic period.

NameCoo Coo Marlin
Date Of BirthJanuary 3, 1932
Death occur due toLung Cancer
Place Of BirthColumbia, Tennessee, USA
Nationality American
ProfessionRace car driver
Zodiac sign Capricorn 
Net worth$4 million
Coo Coo Marlin Facts

Coo Coo Marlin Career

Coo Coo Marlin progressed to part-time participation in NASCAR Grand National races, beginning with one race in 1966 and expanding to three in 1967. 

As the series transitioned from Grand National to Winston Cup, Marlin increased his involvement, but he never raced in more than 23 events in any given season. 

Despite not participating in a full schedule, Marlin’s contributions and performances on the NASCAR circuit added to his reputation as a skilled and respected driver in the racing community.

During his 165 Winston Cup starts spanning from 1966 to 1980, Coo Coo Marlin didn’t secure a victory. However, he achieved notable success with nine top 5 finishes and 51 top 10 finishes, often racing in a car numbered 14. 

Despite not clinching a win in the official points races, Marlin’s consistency and skill were evident in his numerous top finishes.

An exception to his winless streak occurred in 1973 when Marlin triumphed in a non-points race, specifically one of the Duel races at Daytona that year. 

This victory highlighted his ability to perform at a high level, even if it didn’t contribute to his official Winston Cup win tally. 

Marlin’s career, marked by competitive performances and occasional triumphs, left a lasting impact on the NASCAR circuit during those years.

Sterling Marlin Son Of Coo Coo Marlin

After Coo Coo Marlin’s passing, his son Sterling Marlin entered negotiations with MB2 Motorsports to drive the team’s second car in 2006. The team needed a new number since the No. 

10 was taken by Evernham Motorsports. Still mourning, Sterling chose the available No. 14 (previously used by ppc Racing’s defunct Nextel Cup team) to honor his father. 

The No. 14 was used throughout Sterling’s year and a half with the team until he unexpectedly left Ginn Racing in the middle of the 2007 season after the team merged with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. 

Currently, Chase Briscoe, the team’s owner and former driver Tony Stewart, runs the No. 14 in honor of his childhood hero, AJ Foyt.

What’s the Sterling Marlin Net Worth As Of 2023?

Sterling Marlin is an American race car driver with a net worth of $45 million. He gained fame in 1994 and 1995 as a successful NASCAR driver, notably winning the Daytona 500. 

Marlin’s wealth of $45 million reflects his dedication and commitment to his profession, with his fortune consistently growing over the years.


Clifton “Coo Coo” Marlin dedicated 14 years to NASCAR, leaving behind a strong legacy. His passing in 2005 marked the end of a remarkable career that earned him respect and admiration. With an estimated net worth of $4 million, his success came from both racing achievements and widespread recognition. Marlin’s lasting impact in the racing community shows his deep passion for the sport.

People Also Ask About Coo Coo Marlin

Who is sterling Marlin married to?

He’s married to Paula and has a daughter named Sutherlin, a son named Steadman who used to be a NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, and a grandson named Stirling. Stirling races for Sterling in Sterling’s No. 114 Super Late Model.

How old is Richard Petty?

He is 86 years old. 

What was Sterling Marlin’s car number?

His car number is NASCAR Car #40.

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