10 Best Car Shows on TV & Where to Watch Them

10 Best Car Shows on TV & Where to Watch Them

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What are the best car shows on TV to watch right now?

Car shows, which have consistently been thrilling car enthusiasts with information in the automotive works and providing in-depth analysis of cars, have thus been widely embraced. 

Considering the popularity of cars in modern-day culture would provide a credible explanation for car shows’ success. 

Several television networks have come to realize how much audience car shows commandeer, and as a result, several car shows have been aired. 

However, of the vast majority of cars showing that air during primetime, few have captivated car enthusiasts. 

Hosted by the best automotive journalists and public figures with a fascinating interest in cars, this car shows continued to thrill the audience for years. 

Though narrowing down to the top 10 was somewhat tricky, MotorsTell presents the Top 10 best car shows on TV that you can watch right now.

The Best Car Shows on TV & Where You Can Watch/Stream Them

10. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Previously aired on Crackle, this car television series is hosted by renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld

Just as the name reveals, the show’s guests are comedians, who are driven to a pre-arranged cafés. 

Often the show format is detailed, but that doesn’t affect the exciting conversations. 

The series, which has been viewed more than 100 million times, is currently available on Netflix. 

The 11 season series, which has received several  Primetime Emmy Award nominations, has featured notable guests such as Barack Obama, Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, and several others.

Where to watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Netflix

9. Garage Squad

Garage Squad

Vintage cars are often adored because of the allure and glamour attached to them.

But when they begin collecting dust, it’s perhaps difficult for mechanics to handle. 

Led by Bruno Massel, a National Hot Rod Association world champion driver and mechanic, Joe Zolper and host Heather Storm, Garage Squad come to the rescue of vintage cars and mechanics. 

The spectacular reactions from owners after the garage Squad had worked on these vehicles tells you all you need to know about this series.

Where to watch Garage Squad: Motor Trend

8. Wheeler Dealers

Wheeler Dealers

If excellent car remodeling excites you, this television series is for you.

Formerly hosted by Mike Brewer and Edd China, both presenters brought the show to the fore.

The show involves remodeling or improving a particular car model, which is then sold.

Essentially, improving car scarps into a unique automotive marvel.

Edd China left the show in 2017 after disagreements over the direction of the show.

But that did not stop the 15 series show from airing, as a motor specialist, Ant Anstead, replaced Edd China.

The show airs on Discovery World in the UK and Motor Trend in the US. Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead presents it.

Where to watch Wheeler Dealers: Discovery Channel, MotorTrend, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video

7. Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear

In the UK, few motoring Television Shows can rival, Top Gear. 

Fifth Gear, which was birthed in 2002 after, Top Gear was canceled, has continued to rival the famous BBC show. 

The show’s shoot-out section, where two similarly priced, and similarly powerful cars are compared, is one of the reasons why it has held on consistently to its place as Top Gear foremost rival. 

The show debuted in 2002 and continued to air on Channel 5 until 2011, and then Discovery in 2012, before moving to History in 2015.

Currently, the 28 series show airs on Quest.

Where to watch Fifth Gear: Quest, Discovery Plus, YouTube TV, MotorTrend

6. Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno's Garage
via Motor1.com

After his successful stint as a late-night comedy show host, comedian Jay Leno found love on the screen again. 

The famed comedian who is best known for hosting NBC’s The Late Night Show from 1992 to 2009, currently hosts Jay Leno’s Garage, which airs on CNBC. 

The weekly primetime series that debuted in 2015 focuses on reviewing classic cars, vintage cars, sports cars, and motorcycles. 

Most of the cars reviewed are owned by Jay Leno, who boasts over 100 automobiles in his car collection. 

The 5 season television show airs for 60 minutes.

Where to watch Jay Leno’s Garage: CNBC, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video

5. Overhaulin’

One of the most incredible car televisions shows ever, this show centers on the complete makeover of a “mark’s” car, which is gotten by a ruse. 

How the vehicle is gotten is often one of the most entertaining part of the show. 

Sometimes the vehicle is stolen with the assistance of an insider close to the “mark”. 

Chip Foose, the star of the show and his industrious team of mechanics, does a complete makeover on the old antique car.

The vehicle is then presented to the owner, who expressed bewilderment and shock while basking in the delight of the sight of the car. 

The 9 season show debuted on TLC in 2004, before it ended after its fifth season in 2008. 

After a five-year break, it returned to Cablevision. 

As of November 2019, the show resumed on MotorTrend.

Where to watch Overhaulin’: MotorTrend, Amazon Prime Video

4. Fast N’ Loud

Fast N' Loud

Somewhat similar to Overhaulin’, this reality TV show involves a team of mechanics led by Richard Rawlings based in the Gas Monkey Garage, repairing and remodeling old beat down cars, to the surprise of the “victims.”

The show was greeted with positive reviews that spin-offs Fast N’ Loud: Demolition Theater and Misfit Garage were created. 

Fast N’ Loud is unique as it incorporates skits in the series. 

The 16 seasons show airs on Discovery Channel.

Where to watch Fast N’ Loud: Discovery Channel, Hulu, MotorTrend, Amazon Prime Video

3. Counting Cars

Counting Cars

Counting Cars is one of the spin-offs of the widely successful History series, Pawn Stars.

The show details the activity of Danny Koker, popularly known as The Count, as he and his staff modify classic cars.

This series is filmed in Las Vegas and generally focused on the Count Kustoms company. 

So far, the show has aired for nine seasons.

Where to watch Counting Cars: History, Amazon Prime Video

2. The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

Following the drama that saw the three presenters who painstakingly helped make Top Gear the great show it is, depart BBC, they teamed up with former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman to launch their car show. 

The show which is hosted by renowned presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, debuted in 2016. 

Despite being relatively new with just four seasons, the television show still solidly ranks as one of the best car shows on tv globally. 

This can be attributed to the presenters who have mastered the art of presenting in the most entertaining and captivating manner.

The show reviews cars in a manner similar to Top Gear. 

Every episode of the show is available to viewers in about 195 countries.

Where to watch The Grand Tour: Amazon Prime Video

1. Top Gear

Best Car Show on TV – BBC Top Gear

The king in its rightful place.

No car TV show can boast of the success Top Gear has had. 

Thanks to the presenting ingenuity of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, the show was received with open arms by UK viewers. 

Top Gear was so successful that a US version was tried out, but it was doomed without the Top Gear trio. 

The show has been embroiled in multiple controversies, which has added to its popularity. 

Ever since the famous Top Gear trio no longer presents the show, the show has struggled to find consistent presenters, even after employing the services of prominent public figures.

Where to watch Top Gear: BBC, Amazon Prime Video, MotorTrend

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed out top pickst of the best car TV shows you can watch right now.

With so many advancements made continuously in the automotive works, car enthusiasts can lose track of significant happenings and detailed analysis of cars from the biggest names in the automotive industry.

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